Pure NLP® is an educational program founded by John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle in 1989. The company's mission is to help others learn NLP as efficiently as possible, and understand how to apply it in their daily lives. John La Valle studied NLP under Richard Bandler, among others, and adapted his knowledge in order to create courses which are suitable for all levels of expertise. Throughout the year, Pure NLP® hosts international workshops that break down the techniques and models which are the foundation of NLP. The core workshops that Pure NLP® offers include, the NLP Practitioner program, the NLP Master Practitioner, and the Trainer program (Charisma Enhancement®)Persuasion Engineering®Design Human Engineering®Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning®, and others. Each workshop is designed to enable participants to utilize NLP to it's full potential.

To learn more about Pure NLP® and NLP, please view our FAQ and to see upcoming workshops, view our events page.