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Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®

  • Orlando, Florida United States (map)

July 13th 2019 - July 21th 2019


  • Learn how the relationship between strategies governs which behaviors are generated and which skills will be developed.

  • Learn how a single adjustment can result in a shift that allows other skills and strategies to be acquired while simultaneously ruling out the idea that such skills couldn’t or wouldn’t be acquired.

  • Join us for a magical time!!

  • Learn NLP from Richard Bandler, John and Kathleen La Valle and the Super La Valle® Training Team!

What is it?

You’ve probably attended a Practitioner Seminar somewhere and are still wondering how to put it all together!! When you learned Neuro-Linguistic Programming probably learned some “cookie cutter” techniques!

Through exploring NLP, you reward yourself with the best techniques discovered in rapport, self-change, sales, & persuasion! We invite you to give yourself a gift unlike any you’ve ever experienced… acquire training in NLP and open your floodgates to adventure!

Join Richard Bandler, John & Kathleen La Valle and Elvis Keith Lester, Dr. Edie Perry, for this blockbusting program!
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What will you learn?

In your practitioner seminar, you probably learned the following. If not, then . . . but anyway, if you did it was:

  • Changing or Eliminating Inappropriate or Undesirable Behaviors

  • Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Resolving Internal Conflicts

  • Using Altered States for Behavioral Change

  • Establishing Deep Levels of Rapport

  • Developing Meaningful Goals & Clear Strategies for Attainment

  • Accessing & Recognizing Altered States of Consciousness

  • Understanding Non-Verbal Cues & Language Patterns

  • Inducing Altered States in Others through Both Verbal & Non-Verbal Techniques

  • Bringing Limiting Beliefs & Structure into Conscious Awareness for Transformation

  • Accessing Resourceful States of Competence & Confidence (States of Excellence)

  • Utilizing TimeLines to Access Resource States for Building New Directions

But we’re guessing that you didn’t learn how to put it all together, unless you trained with us!! Well, it’s about time to learn how to do so.
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Master your practitioner level skills!!

It’s that plain and simple! That’s right It’s about time to learn to engineer your own techniques on the fly!! The “cookie cutter techniques will work until the first time they don’t! That’s when you need more flexibility using your skills!!, not just some techniques you’ve learned! What if your “client” throws you a curve ball that you hadn’t considered? Now what!? Wouldn’t it be more useful to be able to handle just about anything that comes along? Did you learn how to:

  • Use the language that your client is presenting to help them make changes?

  • Track their Meta Programs in the sequence you’d need to understand in order to use the patterns back correctly?

  • Use Time & Space predicates? and use their predicates back nonverbally?

  • Use Conversational Hypnosis?

  • Establishing Deep Levels of Rapport

  • Use Prepositions to move their representations spatially?

  • Challenge the Presuppositions in their language for the most critical fulcrum of change?

  • Use Propulsion Systems?

  • Future Pace so that it Works for them in the Future?

  • Shift Values?

There is more!! But if you answered “NO” to any 3 of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!!
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For years, Richard Bandler has been saying that people are making NLP more difficult than it really is. Come find out why he says this and how to make it easier!!

When you learn the latest technology available anywhere, there is no limit to the results you will get. See every decision you’ll have being more effective then you thought possible. Hear yourself getting positive results each and every time you use this information to your advantage.

Not everyone is convinced about this training. Until they do it, that is. As soon as you step into this seminar, you will be delighted with new insights, new ideas, new strategies and new approaches to getting what you want, in the shortest time possible.

How do we teach it?

We use some lecture and lots of interactional exercises and demonstrations!!. People in the program actually practice the skills with each other in a safe environment. We engage a staff of trainers to assist those in the program. You’ll get to try out each new skill first, then we put together the pieces!!

And since we couple the Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs together, there’s a reason: We task you to track and do other things with Practitioners and they have no idea what your tracking!
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